LED Trends Forum

In recent years, only few product ranges have experienced such lasting change as lighting technology. Today, the use of LED is enabling a huge range of new product developments, with a level of efficiency and variation previously unimaginable.

The LED industry has created one of the most dynamic markets in electronics over the past decades.

The growth field of light and LED technology was therefore a focal point at the 28th electronica.

Important new topics and trends were presented and discussed on the four electronica days from 10:00–13:00.

The planned priorities were

  • Horticultural Lighting, LED Industry's most dynamic new Market
    LED technology is ideally suited for glasshouse cultivation, thanks to its high level of efficiency. As plants only require a limited spectrum for photosynthesis, the radiation can be concentrated in a targeted manner here
  • Increased Color Rendering, LED Technologies with a wider spectrum
    The limited spectrum of white LEDs does not usually produce optimal color reproduction, particularly at high color temperatures. New LED technologies provide a significantly broader and better adjusted spectrum.
  • Ambient Interior Lighting, new Solutions with RGB LED
    The use of multicolor LEDs for ambient effects has been very well received by the market. Mixing colors requires a complex control system and offers an abundance of new product options.
  • Adaptive LED Technologies for Automotive Lighting Systems
    Matrix headlights, which automatically dim for oncoming traffic, are the most well-known adaptive LED system in modern vehicles. However, these technologies are also being used for other applications, such as signal lighting and interior lighting, to increase security and comfort in vehicles.