Electrical Connectors Forum

Industrial Ethernet as a key technology for Industry 4.0

This year's Electrical Connectors Forum is all about Industrial Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet is a key technology for Industry 4.0 that supports real-time communication. Single Pair Ethernet is the system of choice for end-to-end networking down to the field level, as it is not only compact, but also enables power transmission (Single Pair Power over Ethernet - SPoE). What are the challenges of implementing SPE? Why is it taking so long? To what extent is conventional connectivity, especially at the PCB level, still suitable for Ethernet connectivity of sensors and field devices? Will EMC be the next big bottleneck?

The forum will focus on the latest developments in connectivity and standards for networking devices used in industrial production. The biggest challenges for the use of edge and cloud-based applications in industrial automation lie at the level of connectivity. To achieve end-to-end digitalization of OT and IT, networks such as Industrial Ethernet and the corresponding hardware, especially connectors, are indispensable.

Focus topics 2024:

  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)
  • Single Pair Power over Ethernet (SpoE)
  • Printed circuit board connection technology
  • EMC

Who is the audience for the forum?

The forum is designed for electronics and equipment designers, automation engineers, technical managers, product managers, and employees in work preparation, production planning, quality assurance, and sales.

Participating in the forum as an exhibitor?

Under certain conditions, you can participate in the Electrical Connectors Forum as an exhibitor with a contribution. For more information on how to participate and the costs involved, please contact:

Kristin Rinortner
Editor Vogel Communications Group

Event details

electronica Stage, Hall A4

November 13, 2024, afternoon