Embedded Platforms Forum

Professional exchange and discussion on challenges and solutions for embedded systems

The Embedded Platforms Forum enables professional exchange and open discussion on the challenges of solution modules for embedded systems. For greater reach and presence in the target group, the forum will take place in hall C5 in future.

Focus topics 2024:

  • Microcontrollers, microprocessors, multicore, FPGAs and SoCs
  • Operating systems and tools, software for safety and security
  • Standard boards and starter kits for short development times
  • Smart sensors, wireless connectivity and IoT solutions
  • Low-power design, energy harvesting and energy efficiency
  • Intelligent edge, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Best practice in embedded systems and industrial control

Who is the audience for the forum?

The forum is designed for hardware and software developers, system designers, product managers, engineering managers, and device and system manufacturers.

Call for Papers

Participating in the forum as an exhibitor?

Would you like to share your expert knowledge at the Embedded Platforms Forum? Submit your presentation as part of our Call for Papers by June 28, 2024!


Event details

Future Control Stage, Hall C5

November 12–13, 2024