IIoT Forum: AI / Machine Learning, 5G & Edge Computing

The IIoT Forum will address innovations and advances in the Industrial Internet of Things as they relate to AI, machine learning, Industry 4.0, and automotive. It will take place over two days on the two topics listed below.

The IIoT in the Era of Edge Computing and 5G Communications

The amount of data passing through the various subsystems, sensors, and compute elements in an industrial setting can be staggering. Hence, today’s Edge computers must provide the most solid foundation. With Industry 4.0 transitioning to Industry 5.0, it’s imperative that a developer understand exactly what tools are available, armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions.

On November 12, we will look at the hardware and software that lie at the Edge of the IIoT, as well as the 5G technologies that can hasten the delivery of data anywhere in the world.

Understand the Impacts of AI/ML on Your Industrial IoT Platforms

AI is now all around us. It can be found in nearly every facet of our lives. And the industrial, automation, robotics, and manufacturing sectors are front and center when it comes to AI and ML deployments. As the technology matures, you’ll see huge improvements in productivity, quality, and security.

On November 13, we will explore these advances and how they can be applied to your industrial application.

Focus topics 2024:

  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Industry 4.0
  • Automotive

Who is the audience for the forum?

The forum is designed for Design Engineers, Engineering Managers, AI Engineers

Participating in the forum as an exhibitor?

Under certain conditions, you can participate in the IIoT Forum as an exhibitor with a contribution. For more information on how to participate and the costs involved, please contact:

Patrick Hopper
Publisher, Embedded Computing Design

Event details

Visionary Stage, Hall B4

November 12 and 13, 2024