Industrial Internet of Things Forum

From the Edge to the Cloud

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is not a new concept. In fact, Industry 4.0, the basis of the IIoT, is at least a decade old. But the elements within the IIoT are constantly changing, evolving with new technologies as they become available and mature. That’s where this Forum will focus. We will cover everything from Edge computing to 5G.

Definitions of Edge computing can vary, but it generally includes the sensor technology (including sensor fusion) and different levels of compute, particualrly as more analytics and desicion making occur at the Edge.

In Day 1 of the IIoT Forum, we will look at the compute resources that reside at the Edge. This includes AI and machne learning techniques, the latest in processor technology, the advancement of robots within the workforce, and so on.

Day 2 of the IIoT Forum will look at how we secure this critical infrastructure. While breaches are occurring on a daily basis, you need to ensure that your network is not vulnerable. Many techniques are available, but not all are appropiate for your environment. In this Forum, you will learn what‘s the best course of action for your application.

Finally, on Day 3, we will look at the various communications media for dealing with IIoT information. 5G in particular is sure to play a significant role here. Because it is such a new technology, there are many questions surrounding 5G. We will answer how, when, and where 5G should be deployed, and what other options are available to design engineers.

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