IIoT & Cyber Security Forum

Track IIoT, AI/Machine Learning, und 5G

Industrial applications are getting smarter every day, thanks to concepts like the Industrial IoT (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and 5G. In the Forum focusing on Embedded Computing Design, we wil dive deeper into each of these concepts. For example, we will look at what’s need to implement AI at the Edge, how analytics should be handled and analyzed, and how 5G fits into the equation. We wil also show how security and (and should) be part of the design equation.

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Track Cyber Security

The increased reliance on connected, online systems is accelerating the way businesses communicate and share information, but it has also made them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

With an unprecedented number of people working in hybrid or fully-remote environments, there has never been a more critical time to effectively create and maintain a cyber-secure culture.

This forum will focus on four areas where implementing and maintaining cyber-security is key.


Modern vehicles have a large number of electronic systems that are networked with each other and as we get closer to the dream of autonomous driving, automotive security has become a growing issue. Vehicles sold today are at serious risk of being hacked and hijacked.

This forum will focus on the software and hardware solutions automotive designers can implement to detect and prevent attacks on a vehicle.


Embedded devices are a prime target for hacking because not only does gaining entry give hackers access to data received and processed, but it provides them with the opportunity to use the system as a platform for further attacks on larger devices. For this reason, it is imperative that embedded systems are as safe and secure as possible.

While securing an embedded system may seem daunting, there are multiple techniques and tools available which this forum will explore.


The use of smart, connected devices has notably increased during the pandemic but so, unfortunately, has the number of attacks on IoT networks. Each new device or system that comes online presents an opportunity for attacks and, as IoT devices may come with little or no security, they are easy targets for hackers.

This forum will focus on creating secure IoT networks all the way from endpoint devices through to the Cloud, as well as the design considerations needed to help prevent attacks.


There are several reasons why the healthcare industry is so vulnerable to attacks, namely that medical devices are an easy entry point for attackers – particularly now that most hospitals have an extensive network of connected devices. Private patient information is worth a lot of money to attackers and now that a plethora of people – including the individual in question – can access medical data remotely, this opens up even more opportunities for attack.

Due to the nature of medical data, cyber security in healthcare has proved uniquely challenging. This forum will explore some of the safety measures that can be taken to protect devices, digital systems, networks, and data from attacks.

Location: Forum hall B4
Time: Wednesday & Thursday, November 16 & 17, 2022

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