Electrical Connectors & Measurement Technology Forum

The connector—a key component in a networked world

In an increasingly digitalized world, connectors are the key to successful networking. Electrical connectors form the backbone of modern automation systems. The use of connection technology in automotive applications is increasing exponentially and is still only at the start of a huge growth curve. Autonomous electromobility is one of the ten disruptive technologies that are set to have a fundamental influence on connection technology.

However, the connectors featured in today’s electronics systems, regardless of the sector, are often complex components with different electronic, mechanical, and environmental requirements. To add to this, the design and design-in requirements of connectors are both numerous and extremely exacting. This affects the basic materials and surfaces, the connector technology, and even impacts upon the production and testing methods used. There is high demand for information among medium-sized companies in particular.

The Electrical Connectors' Forum at electronica is dedicated to the diverse challenges that arise in the field of electrical connection technology. The focus is on miniaturization, modularization, reliability and signal integrity.

Important topics for the Connector Forum are

  • Single Pair Ethernet
  • Connectors for the Internet of Things
  • High current contacts as key for integrated drives of electric vehicles
  • Intelligent connector as enabler for the Smart Factory

Location: Forum hall B3
Time: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Measurement technology for hardware developers:

Technological highlights. New functions. Application trends.

Location: Forum Halle B3
Time: Donnerstag, 17.11.2022

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