Call for Papers for the Embedded Platforms & Industrial Control Forum

Thank you for your contributions! The Call for Papers 2024 is now closed.

Under the new name Embedded Platforms Forum and Industrial Control Forum, the electronica Embedded Platforms Conference from 2024 will focus even more strongly on mechanical engineering and automation applications. The move from the conference center directly to the exhibition halls will ensure greater reach and presence in the target group. What will not change: the usual high quality standards and the conference character.

Both hardware and software experts are invited to submit presentations for the top-class forum on components, tools and solutions for embedded systems and industrial control.

The Embedded Platforms Forum and the Industrial Control Forum (November 12–14, 2024) enable hardware and software developers, system designers, product managers, development managers, as well as device and plant manufacturers to exchange knowledge and openly discuss challenges and solutions for embedded systems and industrial control systems. The international series of events at electronica has been a fixture for industry professionals for years, providing an opportunity to discuss problems, find solutions and present new developments.

  • Microcontrollers, microprocessors, multicore, FPGAs and SoCs
  • Operating systems and tools & software for safety and security
  • Standard boards and starter kits for short development times
  • Smart sensors, wireless connectivity, and IoT-solutions
  • Low-power design, energy harvesting and energy efficiency
  • Intelligent edge, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Best practice in embedded systems and industrial control
  • Application focus areas: Industry, mechanical engineering & automation, automotive, transportation & mobility, medicine & healthcare

Although not explicitly addressed, the issues of design to cost, reusability and open source, and reliability and sustainability are always important and continue to grow in importance.

Who can present?

The following are invited to submit papers for the Embedded Platforms & Industrial Control Forum:

  • Experts from industry and research,
  • Embedded professionals from manufacturers and suppliers of advanced hardware and software components, and
  • Experienced specialists from industrial practice.

More than ever, the forum is aimed at component manufacturers and suppliers at electronica.

What questions should be answered?

Your presentation will address the requirements and challenges facing embedded solutions and industrial control today and in the future. You will present solutions, modules and platforms that are available today and in the future in an understandable and practical way.

You will answer the following key questions:

  • How can current and future device and system requirements be met?
  • What basic knowledge is required to develop efficient, state-of-the-art applications?
  • What do platforms, components and tools offer to enable solutions to reach their full potential now and in the future?
  • What could today's and tomorrow's solutions achieve if they took full advantage of available platforms?

What are the topics of the Embedded Platforms Forum and the Industrial Control Forum?

Topics include hardware platforms for embedded systems and industrial controls, such as microcontrollers, processors, DSPs, FPGAs, and SoCs; hardware components, such as memory, safety and security components; ICs for wireless, IoT, NFC, and RFID; antennas, sensors, and MEMS; printed circuit board solutions; and assembly and connection technologies.

Experts in the field can also submit papers on software and tools for development and optimization (operating systems and RTOS, starter kits and reference designs, tools for development, debugging and testing, tools for systems engineering and hardware-software co-design, EDA tools: chip design, PCB design including simulation).

Future topics such as machine vision, machine learning and AI will also be in focus this year.

What conditions must be met?

The presentation should last 20-25 minutes. Presentation language is English.
A maximum of 3 abstracts per submitter is allowed.

Call for Papers Deadline: June 28, 2024
Information on inclusion in the program: from August 5, 2024
Publication of program: September 2024

The program committee of the Embedded Platforms Forum and the Industrial Control Forum particularly welcomes the expertise of device manufacturers and component suppliers, as well as experts from industry and research, and manufacturers and suppliers of modern hardware and software components.

If you have any questions about the forums, submitting a paper, or suggesting a topic, please contact Program Manager Johan Wiesböck at

Submitters may be contacted by the program committee for questions regarding the abstract.