Electromechanics and system periphery

Whether it comes to switches, plug-in connectors or relays—this sector Electromechanics at electronica unites all the areas that deal with connections that conduct electricity. The topic of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) also plays an important role here. This sector also has great deal of space devoted to casing technology. After all, a variety of housings are needed to effectively protect electronic components and PCBs from external influences.

Electromechanics and system peripherals at electronica: the most important topics

  • Relays, switches, keyboards
  • Interconnection components/systems
  • Casing technology

Market leaders and innovative companies

Renowned exhibitors in the electromechanics and system periphery sector present the latest products and services. You can see which industry giants and which up-and-coming, young companies from the electromechanics and system periphery sector were at electronica 2022 in the list of exhibitors.