Together for a sustainable trade fair presence and a green future!

Trade shows are the platforms of the future. During the trade show days, experts from all over the world gather to offer their future technologies, discuss approaches to solutions and enter into new collaborations. Events of this magnitude have enormous value for the economy. At the same time, we must be aware: Greenhouse gas emissions are released at every event. Together with partners, we have set out to develop measures for a more sustainable trade show industry and to fulfill our social responsibility. After all, sustainability and climate protection must be actively lived - this also includes a sustainable trade show presence.

Consciously avoiding emissions

If you use your time on site selectively and intensively for business contacts and personal meetings, you save on individual travel to customers, partners, and service providers. In addition, you will have other opportunities to avoid emissions, save raw materials, and protect the environment during your trade fair appearance at electronica 2024.

Act sustainably on site

  • Sustainable stand construction: Discuss sustainable stand construction options with your stand builder. With woodï, our partner meplan offers you a stand concept that is aesthetic, flexible and individual. Thanks to its modularity and clever circularity, woodï makes your trade fair presentation easier and more sustainable than ever before. woodï creates measurable added value and also helps you fulfil your ESG obligations.
  • Decide whether you really need giveaways. If so, choose options that are produced under sustainable and fair conditions and that your customers can use for as long as possible.
  • Use the GoGreen visitor vouchers to invite your customers to the trade fair and support high-quality climate protection projects.
  • Don´t print your ticket. It is sufficient if you scan the ticket on your cell phone at the entrance. There you will receive a badge. This way you save paper. Also inform your customers about this when you invite them to the trade fair.
  • Climate-conscious catering: Choose vegetarian dishes and look for regional and seasonal ingredients. Talk to your caterer about ways to reduce food waste.

Environmentally friendly infrastructure

  • Form car pools if you are traveling by car.
  • Climate-friendly travel: Thanks to the seamless connection of the trade fair center to Munich's public transport system, you are always right in the middle of the action. This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet.
  • Green refueling on site: 110 stations are available on the exhibition grounds for charging your electric vehicle.

Appreciate and conserve paper

  • Check whether the number of printed advertising materials can be reduced and focus more on digitalization.
  • Good printing: Work with printers that are committed to sustainability and use FSC-certified environmental paper.

Guide to waste prevention

Waste is generated before, during and after the trade fair. In order to minimize the amount of waste generated, certain aspects should be taken into account in the early planning phase. This guide is intended to help you identify and implement ways to reduce waste through careful preparation and design.

To the waste prevention guide


Sophie Orthuber
  • ESG Manager

Our position

We live sustainability for ourselves and our customers and actively promote it at our events.