Fairgrounds map of electronica 2022

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You can download the fairgrounds map here:

Fairgrounds map electronica 2022

The detailed hall plans can be viewed in the exhibitor directory.

Halls A1 and B1 | EMS, PCBs and other circuit carriers

EMS Electronic manufacturing services
PCBs and other circuit carriers

PCB & Components Marketplace in hall A1

Halls A2, B2 and B3 | Electromechanics and system peripherals

Electromechanics and System peripherals, Interconnection components, Casing technology, Relays, switches and keyboards

Hall A3 | Test and measurement

Test and measurement

Hall A4 | Power supplies
Halls A5 | Passive components

Passive components

Hall B3 | Sensor technology, micro- and nanosystems (NEMS, MEMS)

Sensor technology, micro- and nanosystems (NEMS, MEMS)

Electrical Connectors / Measurement Technology Forum

Hall B4 | Embedded systems
Halls B4, C2, C3 and C4 | Semiconductors


Halls B5 | Displays, Automotive, Wireless
Halls B1 and C1 | SEMICON Europa 2022



Executive Forum

ICM | electronica Conferences

All halls | ED/EDA and Servo-technology, Assemblies and subsystems, Services