electronica Fast Forward: The Startup Platform powered by Elektor

Startups continue to change the face of electronics. The Fast Forward startup platform by electronica and Elektor has given a stage to dozens of aspiring young startups on the world’s leading trade fair. But for 2022’s 5th edition, electronica Fast Forward is gearing up to be faster than ever before!

For its first anniversary edition in 2022, Fast Forward will showcase the impact of startups by inviting the ‘crème de la crème’, the most interesting and innovative young entrepreneurs. We will offer a stage to successful startups and young scaleups that will attract a crowd on their own. Fast Forward 2022 focusses on the success rather than the promise.

If ever there was a moment to be part of the electronica Fast Forward startup platform, 2022 is the one! A young, vibrant, and innovative platform will emerge in the heart of electronica this November, and you can be part of it. Join us in inviting the future of our industry to electronica and make an impact for these young innovators and the industry at large!

Nothing is impossible at the Fast Forward startup platform at electronica 2022!

In 2022 the electronica Fast Forward startup platform will be a new and improved version.

Here are the biggest changes:

  • We will invite only the most attractive start-ups to be present in 2022.
  • Innovative start- and scale-ups that attract a crowd on their own.
  • Elektor will recruit, select and invite the absolute most interesting ones. To recieve a ‘golden ticket’ and invite to be present at electronica 2022.
  • Where all that join are already certain to be a prize winners.

Are you thinking your Startup should be considered, then shoot a message to: marketing@elektor.com

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