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General questions about the trade fair and the exhibition network
Questions about application and application process
Information in connection with the corona virus
Questions regarding incurring costs
Questions about stand space and additional services
Questions about the stand building

Please note: The content on this page refers to electronica 2022. Up-to-date information will be available here in spring 2023.

General questions about the trade fair and the exhibition network

What events are part of the electronica trade-fair network?

electronica in Munich is the International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications and, therefore, the world's most important industry gathering. electronica depicts nearly the entire electronics industry. It has been held in Munich every two years since 1964 and is a key element in the network of electronics trade fairs of Messe München. The network consists of the leading international trade fairs electronica and productronica in Munich as well as regional trade shows in China and India. SEMICON Europa will take place at the same time as electronica 2022 as co-located event.

electronica worldwide

Where and when do electronica exhibitions take place?
Does electronica have an official newsletter?

electronica sends out a newsletter on a regular basis that informs you about all the topics that pertain to the fair itself and to the electronica network.

You can subscribe to the newsletter free of charge here.

What are electronica's opening hours?


Tuesday–Thursday, November 15–17, 2022: 09:00–18:00
Friday, November 18, 2022: 09:00–17:00


Tuesday–Thursday, November 15–17, 2022: 08:00–19:00
Friday, November 18, 2022: 08:00–end of dismantling

Press representatives (opening hours of Press Center)

Monday, November 14, 2022: 09:30–16:00
Tuesday–Thursday, November 15–17, 2022: 08:30–18:30
Friday, November 18, 2022: 08:30–17:30

What is the delivery address for electronica?

Hall and stand number
Am Messesee 2
81829 München

Please make sure that someone who is authorized to accept delivery is available at your stand during the expected time of delivery.

Is there a free WiFi network that I can use at the trade-fair center?

Free WiFi service is available to visitors throughout the trade-fair center and in the halls. Here you will find additional information about using the visitor WiFi .

Due to the above limitations, we recommend that exhibitors order a LAN connection for their stands.

Is smoking permitted at the trade-fair center?

Generally speaking, smoking is prohibited in the exhibition halls. Please smoke only in designated smoking areas.

Am I allowed to bring my dog onto the exhibition grounds of Messe München?

No, according to Messe München´s house and user rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

Questions about application and application process

How do I apply and when is the application deadline?

Companies can use the online registration form for exhibitors at our website to register for electronica 2022. Just log in using your login data or register again. The user name is the e-mail address of the contact person in your company nominated as the one responsible for organizing your participation; the password was then freely chosen by your company.

If you are not registered yet or if the contact person has changed, please register anew. Following the registration, the system will then guide you through the process step-by-step, you save your entry with “Create” and send the application to us with “Submit”. Once successfully registered, you are sent an automatic confirmation e-mail with a PDF version of your application.

The early-bird deadline for main exhibitors is November 30, 2021, and for co-exhibitors and Additional Representative Companies Mid of June 2022.

What should I do if my contact person has changed?

If your contact person changes after you have already applied for electronica, please contact the project team. You will not need to apply again; the project team will take care.

Is it possible to set up a subaccount when registering?

No. Subaccounts can only be set up for the exhibitor shop, not for the registration account.

I have applied for electronica but have not received a confirmation email.

If you have not already done so, please check your spam folder first. If you still cannot find the email, please contact .

Is it possible to cancel our application without incurring any costs?

No costs are incurred if the cancellation occurs after the exhibitor submitted the application and before the exhibitor confirms the stand proposal that we send out.

When do cancellation fees apply?

Cancellation fees apply if the exhibitor cancels his participation after the stand proposal has been confirmed.

What are the cancellation fees?

If the exhibitor cancels his participation for electronica 2022, he must pay 25 percent of the participation fee, notwithstanding the General Terms of Participation, regardless of whether his stand space can be sublet or not. In case of electronica 2022 getting cancelled, the participation fee already paid will be refunded. The agreed fees are to be paid for services booked already provided.

When will we receive our stand proposal (stand location and stand number)?

As of end of April 2022 each exhibitor receives the stand proposal for electronica 2022 after his registration. We have put together additional information and a list of deadlines in the section “Dates and Logistics” .

What deadlines do exhibitors have to observe?

We have put together additional information and a list of deadlines in the section “Dates and Logistics” .

What exactly are we ordering when we submit our application?

The application applies to stand space only at electronica. Additional fees such as the AUMA fee, the waste-disposal fee, the mandatory communication fee and the advance payment for services are described in the FAQs.

Information in connection with the corona virus

What are the cancellation fees at this time?

If the exhibitor cancels his participation for electronica 2022, he must pay 25% of the participation fee, notwithstanding the General Terms of Participation, regardless of whether his stand space can be sublet or not. In case of electronica 2022 getting cancelled, the participation fee already paid will be refunded. The agreed fees are to be paid for services booked already provided.

Cancellation and withdrawal regulations until 2022.

What does the hygiene and safety concept of electronica 2022 look like?

Messe München GmbH, in cooperation with the government of the Free State of Bavaria, bespoke health and safety protocols that will allow us to ensure the success of electronica despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find further documents here

We will keep you informed about all further developments.

Current information relating to the corona virus can also be found on the Messe München website.

Questions regarding incurring costs

What other costs are there in addition to the participation fee?

The admission invoice includes the mandatory communication fee (1), the AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) fee and the mandatory waste disposal fee at the trade-fair center during the fair. When you submit your application, you also agree to make a down payment for any services that you order.

Any services that you need such as stand construction and related furnishings / equipment (such as partitions, carpeting, electricity) as well as exhibitor passes and advertising materials can be ordered for a fee through the Exhibitor Shop . We will automatically inform you as soon as the online order system becomes available.

What is the AUMA fee?

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) protects the interests of the German trade-fair industry with an extensive range of programs and services. In return, it charges all exhibitors a fee of EUR 0.60 (net) per square meter of rented exhibition space. Messe München invoices exhibitors for this fee and passes it along directly to AUMA. This is a customary practice among organizers of trade fair and exhibitions in Germany. Information about AUMA is available here:

What is the advance payment for services?

A fixed-rate advance payment of EUR 20 (net) per square meter of rented exhibition space is included in the admission invoice for services such as electricity, water and telephone connections. This advance payment does not depend on the existence or size of any order(s) actually placed. After the fair, the advance payment will be applied to the cost of actually ordered services in the final invoice.

What is the mandatory fixed-rate waste-disposal fee for the duration of the fair?

The mandatory fixed-rate waste-disposal fee for the set-up and dismantling as well as the duration of the fair covers the costs of disposing of waste that collects at the exhibitor's stand during the fair itself. This fee is EUR 6.00 per square meter of stand space plus VAT. Waste disposal must comply with the provisions of Section 6.1 of the Technical Guidelines.

What is the mandatory communication fee?

The communication fee for Main exhibitors, Co-exhibitors and Joint Pavillion exhibitors is EUR 990 and for Additionally represented companies EUR 495.

The obligatory communication fee includes the basic entry in the digital exhibitor directories as well as additional communication services.

Further information can be found in our Special Terms of Participation (paragraph B3).

Questions about stand space and additional services

Are exhibition stands smaller than 20 square meters available?

The minimum size of a stand at electronica is 20 square meters. As a rule, smaller stands are not possible due to the grid system in the halls. So-called combination packages in specific exhibition sectors are an exception. They call for stands that are 9 square meters or 12 square meters in size. However, these packages are only available in the indicated exhibition sectors and can only be booked by companies whose primary area of activity falls under those categories. Another exception is the New Exhibitor Package, which has a stand size of 16 square meters. This offer is available to companies exhibiting at electronica for the first time.

Additional information about combination packages

What complete stands are available to exhibitors?

There are various complete stands to choose from for electronica.

Complete stands starting at 20 square meters are available from our partner MEPLAN. Some stand packages are theme related and only available in specific exhibition sectors, while other stand packages are available in all exhibition sectors. Additional information is available in the “Plan your stand” section of the website.

What additional services can exhibitors order?

Whether it comes to help building you stand, exhibitor passes or advertising materials, electronica has a diverse range of additional services for exhibitors. Details are available in our Exhibitor Shop , where you can also conveniently order these services online.

How do I apply for a stand party?

Please apply by e-mail to . You will then receive the appropriate application form.

How many exhibitor passes do exhibitors receive?

Exhibitors receive a certain contingent of free exhibitor passes for their stand for the duration of the fair. If their stand is up to 20 square meters in size, they receive 3 passes. If their stand is larger than 20 square meters in size, they receive one pass for each additional 20 square meters or portion thereof. Starting at a stand size of 161 square meters, they receive two passes for each additional 20 square meters or portion thereof.

Exhibitors who book a combination package in one of the Focus Areas receive two passes per stand.

Additional exhibitor passes will be available as of mid-2022. Exhibitor passes must be personalized. They are only intended for stand personnel and can be ordered through the Exhibitor Shop . They may not be passed on to third parties. In the event of unauthorized use, Messe München is entitled to confiscate the exhibitor pass.

Please note:
Having co-exhibitors/additionally represented companies at your stand does not increase the number of exhibitor passes. Exhibitor passes do NOT entitle the holder to use public transportation services provided by MVV (Munich Transport and Tariff Association) free of charge.

What are vouchers and online vouchers for one-day tickets?

An online voucher for a one-day ticket is a free admission voucher for your customers that you can order in our Exhibitor Shop . You can use these vouchers for professional invitation and contact management, i.e. as an added incentive for your customers to visit your exhibition stand.

Exhibitors have access to an unlimited number of vouchers! Invoicing is based on the number of vouchers that are actually used. You only pay for vouchers that are actually redeemed to attend the fair. The total number of vouchers for which you will be charged is limited to three tickets per square meters of confirmed stand space.

How do I order exhibitor passes and invite my customers to the show?
User Guide Exhibitor Passes and Ticket Vouchers for Visitors
Can co-exhibitors register at our stand? And if so, how can we register them?

Co-exhibitors still need to apply through the main exhibitor. The main exhibitor receives an appropriate link which can be used to apply as co-exhibitor on his stand.

All co-exhibitors enjoy the same benefits as main exhibitors, i.e. they are listed as independent exhibitors in the exhibition catalog and the online exhibitor directory .

What is a co-exhibitor?

A co-exhibitor is any company that has its own personnel and its own products or services on display at a main exhibitor's stand. That includes companies from the same group of companies as the main exhibitor and subsidiaries. The form must be signed by the main exhibitor.

What support is available to exhibitors as they plan for the fair?

Your success is important to us! The electronica Team would be pleased to advise you and provide any support that you need planning for and participating in the fair:

electronica team

Additional information about many of our services for exhibitors is available in the “Plan your stand” section of the website.

What is the Exhibitor Shop?

In our Exhibitor Shop , you can conveniently order marketing and various other services online.

Questions about the stand building

Who can we contact about questions of a technical nature?

If you have questions of a specific technical nature, please contact our Exhibitor Technical Services Team .

Where can I find information about stand-building guidelines, the Technical Guidelines and information about the prescribed fire-resistance classifications of building materials?

Stand-building guidelines for electronica 2022 and information about stand safety such as fire protection can be found in the Technical Guidelines of Messe München GmbH.

Are the exhibitors' own technicians allowed to work in the utility ducts at Messe München?

No. For safety reasons, cables and lines may only be installed by technicians who work for Messe München GmbH or its official service partners.

What are the setup and dismantling times?

Details about setup and dismantling times are available here.

What should I do if there is a disagreement about stand borders?

If there are questions about the borders of your stand, please contact the responsible member of the Exhibitor Technical Services Team . He/she will either solve the dispute directly or have the stand space measured again.

What stand-building regulations for electronica must I comply with or what is an open stand design?

To maintain electronica’s character as a communications platform and working exhibition, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the following regulation for electronica 2022:

Messe München GmbH is entitled to stipulate changes in stand design in this context. Stand designs can only be approved if the open sides of the stand have a uniformly open design. Erecting closed walls is permitted, provided they do not take up more than 70 percent of the stand side in question, and completely closed walls may be no more than 6 meters in length. A closed length of wall measuring 6 meters must be followed by an opening that is at least 2 meters wide. This rule does not apply if the wall concerned is set back from the stand perimeter by at least 2 meters. The rear side of the walls of your stand that are more than 2.5 meters high must be of a neutral design, white, smooth, clean and free of installation materials.

What do I need to bear in mind with regard to plan approval for my trade fair stand?

In principle, each creator of an exhibition stand is responsible for its design, construction and operation as well as for compliance with the regulations under public law, insofar as these apply to exhibition stands, the Technical Guidelines and Messe München GmbH's Conditions of Participation.

If the following specifications are complied with, approval of the plans by Messe München GmbH is not required:

  • Stand and advertising height not exceeding 3m
  • Stand size smaller than 100m²
  • No stand cover available

Where can I get information about traffic guidance and logistics during setup/dismantling?

As a rule, our Traffic Guide should answer all of your questions. As soon as it is finalized, you can download it from our website. If you have additional questions, please contact the Traffic and Safety Department .

What should I keep in mind when it comes to fire protection?

  • Actions involving fire hazards such as fires emitting sparks (fire wood, charcoal, etc.) are strictly forbidden on the entire trade-fair grounds.
  • For fire-safety reasons, the use of liquefied petroleum gas (e.g. patio heaters) is prohibited due to the size of the exhibition proximity of the stands. The use of electrical cooking appliances is recommended for the preparation of food.
  • Pyrotechnic effects are prohibited on the entire grounds.
  • The use of compressed gases is only allowed for demonstrating exhibits; the use must be restricted to a minimum. Only the quantity required for a single day may be kept on the grounds. If compressed gas is used, Exhibitor Technical Services must be notified in writing indicating the amount to be used (Form 1.2 - accessible via the exhibitor shop). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Flammable liquids are to be kept to a minimum. Only the quantity required for a single day may be kept on the grounds. If flammable liquids are used, Exhibitor Technical Services must be notified in writing indicating the amount to be used (Form 1.2 - accessible via the exhibitor shop). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Escape and rescue routes must be kept free, both within and outside your own area. Within the stand, lines of sight are required for meeting rooms and lounges. Please also remember in your planning to arrange for corresponding storage and logistics areas for your catering, so as not to block escape and rescue routes within your stand.

Which safety guidelines do I have to observe when building a stand?

  • If there is compliance with the following requirements, Messe München GmbH need not approve a plan (cf. Technical Guidelines, number 4.2ff)
  • If your stand and advertising heights are less than 3.00 meters, your stand is smaller than 100 square meters and you are not planning to build a cover over your stand, you do not need to submit plans for approval.

    Stand designs differing from the above-mentioned requirements must be submitted for approval no later than six weeks before the official beginning of setup with scaled stand-design plans (floor plan, view, and drawings) to Messe München GmbH, TAS Department (by e-mail, as a PDF file or by regular mail). In addition, multi-story stands and special structures (e.g. bridges, stairs, cantilever roofs, galleries, etc.) are subject to approval on principle. You can find additional information about the “building regulations” in Form 1.3.

    For stands at the outdoor exhibition site, we require structural analysis verification for all structures/fixtures that are 5 meters or more in height.
  • Unsecured loads above people are not permitted. Loads (e.g. weighting materials) must be in non-combustible material and secured using a force-locked connection.

What requirements should I keep in mind when exhibiting and/or demonstrating machines and equipment?

  • Machines exhibited at trade fairs in Germany must generally comply with the requirements of the national implementation of the EC machinery directive (2006/42/EC) with regard to construction and equipment. Exhibits without CE markings must be provided with a clearly legible sign that indicates that they do not meet the requirements of European product-safety laws and can only be purchased in countries within the European economic area if compliance with the corresponding provisions is made.
  • Additionally, compliance is required with the requirements for occupational safety in the operation of machines and equipment, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

What about logistics at the venue? Can we use our own cranes, forklifts or working platforms?

Please note that, for safety reasons, cranes, fork-lift trucks and working platforms may only be used if they are provided by the competent service partners of Messe München GmbH pursuant to our Technical Guidelines No. 5.2. An overview of our contractors is available in our Exhibitor Shop.

Where can I get information about stand security and/or anti-theft protection?

Pursuant to the Technical Guidelines No. 2.5, Messe München GmbH or the security service contracted by it for the exhibition grounds provides guards at the gates and on the exhibition grounds. However, we cannot guarantee complete guarding and surveillance of the grounds of the trade-fair center. Exhibitors must arrange for security guards for their stands, exhibition goods and other objects at their stands, if required. Corresponding order forms are available in our Exhibitor Shop. Please keep in mind that exhibits and other objects brought in during setup and dismantling times are at a greater risk.

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