Industry Tech Days

The virtual 5-day conference for electronics engineers and industry professionals from all over the world has successfully taken place from October 2–6, 2023.

Keynotes & Program 2023

  • Monday: Agustya Mehta from Meta
  • Tuesday: Henrick Mannesson from Texas Instruments
  • Wednesday: Oliver Dial from IBM
  • Thursday: Jack Kang from SiFive
  • Friday: Industry Panel - Samsung, Wolfspeed, and SkyWater

The keynotes are available on demand.

Your benefits

  • 24-hour access to all of ITD's programming from the comfort of your home, university, or workplace
  • 5 Keynotes from some of the most influential engineers in the world
  • Live sessions from industry experts, featuring professional training and interactive Q&As
  • 100s of pages on technical info, from white papers to new product announcements
  • Browse digital booths of your most trusted manufacturers and distributors
  • Be entered to win giveaways and one of 5 grand prizes