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Podcasts sorted according to themes, impressions of the fair and explanatory videos—Some interesting insights into electronica. Once again, the fair's official TV Team, eTV—electronica TV, was on the go for you from November 13–16, 2018.

Smart Grid

Smart sensor technology and self-learning machines are going to change our world sustainably. And this is also creating great opportunities for the energy industry. A major topic at electronica is energy generation and the smart grid. The basic requirement: interconnection of individual energy producers who measure consumption and current and feed it back into the grid. That means each home can, in effect, become a miniature power station. Important building blocks already exist: Smart Home, Smart City or even Industry 4.0. electronica is presenting new technologies and food for thought for the future.

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On the Way to Autonomous Driving

Loading the battery capacity by up to 80 percent—in two minutes—that’s the vision of the student project inMotion. And it’s pointing the way, not just for electric racing cars. The semiconductor industry is central to the progress being made in the automotive sector—so central, in fact, that people are wondering who is driving who—one of the main talking points at electronica.

The key to automated-driving cars is security because cars will communicate between each other and the infrastructure will communicate with cars. Only highly complex technologies can guarantee safety in autonomous traffic. Being able to stay cost-effective at the same time is one of the challenges. The extra cost for a car radar system for example is lower than the extra you have to pay for a metallic paint job.

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Artificial Intelligence on the edge

Connected driving, language assistance systems, Internet of Things: Artificial intelligence is no longer a vision of the future—it’s already moving into various technologies and affecting our everyday lives. Does it also represent an economic and social opportunity? At electronica, experts are discussing the possibilities and potential applications of artificial intelligence. This would not be possible without electronics. electronica is showing the new possibilities being offered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Medical Electronics

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden, Chair of Biomedical Electronics, TranslaTUM, TU Munich and Prof. Dr. Bertram Wolfrum, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, TU Munich, speak in our electronica podcast about medical electronics and the importance of the Medical Electronics Conference during the electronica in Munich.

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