electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC)

What is the latest on Surgery 4.0? What opportunities does smart regeneration offer? What are the cyber security challenges facing hospitals? What do we need to know about the approval and certification of medical devices?

Medical Electronics: Between Innovation and Regulation

For the third time, the electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC) is providing a platform for the electronics industry and medical technology manufacturers to come together and share knowledge and experience. As well as conventional talks, there will be a focus on innovative discussion formats that foster interdisciplinary engagement.

eMEC 2020 will show that it is not just the new EU MDR and the consequences of Brexit that are occupying the industries, but also, and above all else, the innovations being made in manufacturing, digitalization, and miniaturization. These range from AI-based imaging and smart assistants for homecare applications to intelligent, active implants.

Topics of the conference

  • Certification & authorization (MDR, FDA, etc.)
  • Quality management in software development
  • Integration of mHealth applications (including apps, software and telemedicine, 5G/Connectivity)
  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence in medical applications
  • Privacy by design: Hardware- and Software for the protection of data
  • Innovation vs. Data protection

Target group

The target group of the electronica Medical Electronics Conference includes hardware and software developers, engineers, decision-makers, scientists, medical professionals, researchers and students who are involved in the development and application of medical electronics, as well as buyers of medical equipment and representatives of health insurance companies who want to obtain first-hand information regarding trends in medical electronics.

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