Lectures of electronica Embedded Platforms Conference 2020 – Day 2

Track 3: Sensors & IOT

An overview of MIOTY and Sidewalk: Two emerging protocols for LPWAN deployments

Svein Vetti

XENSIV™ PAS CO2 sensor - New environmental sensor technology

H. Riffi

MEMS Based Wired Condition Monitoring Solution for Industry 4.0

Richard Anslow

How 5G will dramatically change the semiconductor industry

Sayed Alam

KEYNOTE: Artificial intelligence: A huge wave is rolling in

Robert Oshana

Human Fall Detection Systems using MEMS 3-axis Acceleration Sensor

Vinod Kumar Ramu

Bluetooth 5 for long-range wireless IoT enablement

Jonathan Kaye

Neonode's Contactless Touch Solutions-for Safer and Germ-free Interaction in Public Spaces

J. Shain

Track 4: Software & Tools

Functional safety simply implemented

Peter Brinkmann

The hidden risks in off-target testing - Requirements for a safe and modern embedded development workflow

Daniel Penning

Efficient and Secured Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Thomas Poeppelmann

How Embeddedd Platform can help companies in the COVID time

Bruno Cesanelli

IoT security embedded in memory cards

Christian Ullrich

KEYNOTE: Artificial intelligence: A huge wave is rolling in

Robert Oshana

Leveraging Microkernel Architecture for Embedded Virtualization

Leo Hendrawan

Patenting software in the context of embedded systems

Dr. Jochen Reich

Adding and optimizing wireless connectivity in embedded applications

Darian Sale

Next Wave of Precision Conversion Solutions Post-Moore’s Law

Michael Hennessy