Electroshock to Covid-19?

In the fight against Covid-19 our clothes could help in the future. A Japanese company has developed a high-tech textile that destroys bacteria and viruses piezoelectrically.

Clothes, diapers or masks are supposed to kill microbes completely without chemicals with the help of electrical energy. This is made possible by “Pieclex”—a new high-tech textile developed by the two Japanese companies Murata and Teijin. In it, piezoelectric components generate electricity with every movement, making bacteria and viruses harmless. As a side effect, this also prevents the bad smell that the bacterial flora usually produces when sweat decomposes. The material thus also acts as a deodorant. The yarns consist of the biodegradable “bio-plastic” PLA—produced on the basis of renewable raw materials.

In 99.9 percent of cases, “Pieclex” is said to have stopped the multiplication of viruses and bacteria or to have rendered them harmless. However, its effectiveness against Covid-19 viruses cannot yet be confirmed. Due to the strict rules for handling such viruses, testing with Pieclex is difficult and time-consuming due to the lack of sufficient samples.

The joint venture of the two companies plans to use the innovative textile for the production of sportswear, underwear, medical equipment and industrial products such as filters.