Premiering in 2018: The electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC)

Smart Healthcare

What is the latest on Surgery 4.0? What opportunities does smart regeneration offer? What are the cyber security challenges facing hospitals? What do we need to know about the approval and certification of medical devices?

The Medical Electronics Conference will see well-known representatives from research and industry discussing current issues and challenges, as well as subjects for the future. From 2018, there will be a separate conference dedicated to the highlight topic of medical electronics. As far as medicine is concerned this means that people will change from purely being users to being development partners who advise the electronics industry on their requirements and any potential critical pitfalls.

The eMEC 2018 in 80 seconds


Intelligent medicine thanks to electronics

Medicine meets electronics: At the electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC) on November 15, 2018 in Munich, physicians and electronics engineers will discuss the medicine of the future for the first time. Organisers are Messe München and WEKA FACHMEDIEN as part of electronica.

Medicine without electronics? Hard to imagine! The health system is also changing and increasing digitalisation is already leaving its mark. The vision “Medicine 4.0”—from electronic patient records (ePA) to intelligent neuroprostheses—will not become reality without sensors, mobile devices and secure software solutions. All this is the task of electronics, but in the end patients and medical staff decide what will prevail. Communication is the miracle cure that prevents expensive devices from becoming dusty without being used.

Topics of the conference

The range of topics includes: Smart Medical Devices, Cloud Computing, Data Security and Sovereignty, Blockchain Technologies, Collaborative Robots, Smart Contracts, Usability, Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine and Medicine 4.0. On three stages, both electronics engineers and medics will outline »The Connected Human« and identify his strengths and weaknesses.

Target group

The target group of the new electronica Medical Electronics Conference includes hardware and software developers, engineers, decision-makers, scientists, and doctors involved the development and use of medical electronic devices, as well as buyers in medicine and representatives of health insurance companies who want to get first-hand information about trends in medical electronics.

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