electronica Embedded Platforms Conference (eEPC)—Call for papers

Alongside electronica 2018, the 4th Embedded Platforms Conference is taking place from November 14–15. Hardware and software experts alike are needed to help create the top-class conference, centered on components, tools, and solutions for embedded systems.

The Call for Papers deadline for this year's Embedded Platforms Conference expired on May 30.

The detailed conference program is available here.

Ms Kristina Blidon
E-Mail: kristina.blidon@messe-muenchen.de

The electronica Embedded Platforms Conference allows hardware and software developers, system designers, product managers, heads of development, and device and plant manufacturers to exchange specialist knowledge and to have open discussions around the challenges and potential solutions for embedded systems. Part of electronica, the international conference has long been an important fixture for specialists in the industry to discuss problems, find solutions, and present new developments.

This event offers leading manufacturers and independent experts an excellent opportunity to give their target audience an insight into ecosystems, the variety of solutions, and future perspectives of modern embedded platforms.

The following four product categories and subject areas will form the key focus of this year’s two-day Embedded Platforms Conference:

  • Embedded processors, MCUs, multicore modules, FPGAs, and SoCs
  • Operating systems, tools and software for safety and security
  • Embedded boards and smart modules for fast development times
  • Embedded vision, machine learning, and adaptive systems

Although not being explicitly addressed, the following subject areas are always important and ever growing in significance: Energy efficiency, reusability, and open source, as well as sensors, wireless technology, and reliability.

Who can be a speaker? What questions should be answered?

Experts from industry and research, embedded specialists from manufacturers and suppliers of modern hardware and software modules, and professionals experienced in embedded systems are invited to submit papers to the Embedded Platforms Conference. More than ever, the 4th Embedded Platforms Conference is directed towards the device manufacturers and component suppliers at electronica.

Content of your submission: Your paper should address the relevant current and future demands and challenges of embedded platforms. You should communicate practical and easy to understand solution-oriented approaches and principles that are available now and will also be so in the future.

You should answer the following key questions in your paper:

  • What do embedded platforms, components and tools offer that enables solutions to reach their full potential now and in the future?
  • How can current and future demands on embedded solutions be met?
  • What could solutions of today and tomorrow achieve if they were to extensively utilize the capabilities of available embedded platforms?

Why not submit papers for the conference?

Do you deal with current and future demands on embedded solutions? Do you know what embedded platforms, components and tools have to offer that enables solutions to reach their full potential now and in the future? Do you like the idea of getting interested participants enthusiastic about your subject area with a paper at the Embedded Platforms Conference? Are you interested in exchanging ideas with other experts? Then register as a speaker at the following link and submit the abstract of your paper by May 30, 2018.

The program committee of the electronica Embedded Platforms Conference is particularly looking forward to the expertise from device manufacturers and component suppliers, and from embedded specialists from industry and research, as well as from manufacturers and suppliers of modern hardware and software modules.

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