Embedded Platforms Conference—At a glance

The communication forum for selecting future-proof hardware and software platforms.

The electronica Embedded Platforms Conference (eEPC) addresses component manufacturers and component suppliers at electronica more than ever before. On the one hand, participants discuss the requirements and challenges associated with embedded platforms now and in the future. On the other, they present solution modules that are available now and that will be available in the future.

The conference analyzes both classic embedded modules such as microcontrollers, RTOSs and communication stacks as well as signal converters, sensors, application-specific modules, etc.

In 2016, the Embedded Platforms Conference gave 218 participants from 25 countries interesting insights into the future of embedded platforms.

Embedded platforms are the combination of electronic components, software and tools that constitute the foundation of sophisticated and efficient embedded solutions. They make it possible for applications to satisfy all of the functional, non-functional, economic and ecological requirements that are currently required by users, manufacturers, standardization bodies and legislators in the following areas:

Operational safety, access security, ergonomics, usability, energy consumption, environmental compatibility, sustainability, price-performance ratio, etc.

The Embedded Platforms Conference focuses on the following solution levels of an embedded platform and the tools that are needed for realization:

  • Device software
  • Operating system, firmware, stacks, etc.
  • Computer center: processor, microcontroller, FPGA, SoC, etc.
  • Hardware components that support operation or upon which it is based
  • PCB and assembly and packaging technology

Key questions of the conference: What do embedded platforms, components and tools have to offer

  • so that solutions can develop their full potential now and in the future?
  • so that current and future demands placed on embedded solutions can be satisfied?
  • What would current and future solutions be able to achieve if they used the possibilities associated with embedded platforms?

Additional information about the program of events is available here.

Target groups
Hardware and software developers, system designers, product managers, development managers, equipment and system manufacturers in the sectors for industrial electronics and automation, telecommunications and information technology, automotive and transportation, aviation and aerospace, consumer electronics and white goods as well as the fields of medicine, sporting goods and wearables, energy and smart grid, home automation, smart city and the Internet of Everything.

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“My personal highlight was our track at the Embedded Platforms Conference (...)No other trade fair in the electronics industry has had an accompanying conference on the topic of software that attracted so many visitors. We generated considerably more contacts than we did two years ago and had some very high-quality meetings. About half of them were with international visitors. Participating in the fair exceeded our expectations.”
Dr. Carsten Emde, Open Source Automation Development Lab

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