electronica Embedded Platforms Conference (eEPC)

Keynote Eben Upton

The Embedded Platforms Conference is a communication platform for suppliers of components, tools, software and solutions. On the one hand, participants discuss the requirements and challenges associated with embedded platforms now and in the future. On the other, they present solution modules that are available now and that will be available in the future.

Embedded systems have changed the world, today making up the lion’s share of the electronics market. Billions of semiconductors and electronic components are integrated in embedded solutions, and the overall expenditure for the associated software is likely to increase further. What’s more, networking into the Internet of Things and ever-increasing complexity are making developers’ lives even more complicated.

Great skill and a good deal of expertise is required in order to keep the costs for modern embedded systems under control, while simultaneously coming up with future-proof solutions. This is where the Embedded Platforms Conference 2018 comes in, addressing both embedded platforms and ecosystems, as well as the latest application trends and futuristic solutions.

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Date: November 11–12, 2020
Conference language: English
Venue: ICM – Internationales Congress Center München

Topics of the conference in 2018

The focus topics of the two-day conference in 2018 were as follows::

  • Embedded Modules
  • Embedded Boards
  • IOT
  • Software Development
  • Machine Learning

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