Obsolescence Day


As part of “Obsolescence Day” on the first day of Conference, well over a dozen member companies of the COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Deutschland e.V. presented the most efficient measures and solutions to prevent against hardware and software obsolescence at their exhibition stands.

Highly innovative hardware and software components are often limited or no longer available even after a short time; this is the result of ever-shorter product life cycles in the consumer sector, the economic considerations of component manufacturers, and legal restrictions, such as REACH. With suitably prudent, far-sighted planning, many common obsolescence risks can still be minimized, and ideally, even eliminated completely.

On the first day of the trade fair 2018, as part of the fourth Obsolescence Day, experts from COG (Component Obsolescence Group) Deutschland e.V. explained which obsolescence strategies have proven to be the best in practice to interested buyers, developers, project managers, and obsolescence managers.

Over the course of just one day, this event—the only of its kind worldwide—allowed interested companies and individuals to learn about a wide range of proactive and reactive obsolescence strategies at well over a dozen exhibition stands. Particularly noteworthy here is the diverse offering, ranging from complex component databases with integrated discontinuation forecasts to international procurement management; engineering, reworking and electronic manufacturing services; to the post-production assembly of discontinued components and the development of customer-specific replacement ICs.

Obsolescence Day concluded with the Obsolescence Forum in Hall C2, which was held on November 13, 2018 and included a top-class panel discussion and practice-oriented lectures by renowned experts.

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