Power Electronics Forum

Power Electronics Forum

Wide Band Gap Semiconductors, Renewable Energies, Smart Grid and Energy Storage will be major topics covered by the Power Electronics Forum at electronica.

The areas historically served by silicon devices have in recent years been taken over more often by Wide Band Gap Devices. We are facing higher switching frequency and higher operating temperatures. Wide Band Gap Semiconductors can accommodate these increasing demands by permitting better performance than today’s silicon. Passive components from heat sinks, capacitors and coils get smaller. The overall benefit is reduced sizes for the total systems in all applications. However, the challenges are having improved measurement equipment available and to analyze the designs correctly.

Intelligent energy storage combined with IoT technology offers feasibility and utility of integrating renewable energy with energy storage. This combination with IoT will create additional advantages through intelligent energy storage to facilitate integration of energy storage and renewables as well. Most energy storage systems rely on battery technologies. But for short-term storage, new technologies like supercapacitors are on the horizon.

Smart grids utilize smart technologies for distribution automation, smart metering & transmission upgrades, substation automation and IT to stabilize the grid along with accurate power control and to deliver maximum power. Smart grid applications include meter hardware, communications & networking and power quality equipment.

The Power Electronics Forum at electronica will present technical papers about innovative applications and technologies, trends and new product offerings covering the whole range of Power Electronics Components, Power Supplies and Batteries.

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