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Ever shorter innovation cycles in the consumer industry have resulted in a market where many industrially-used hardware and software components are only produced for a relatively short time.

This development primarily affects manufacturing companies from the automobile, aerospace, military, railway, power station, medicine, and automation technology sectors, as these sometimes have to stock spare parts for their products for up to 20 years or more. So, for particularly long-lasting equipment and systems, up to 50 percent of the total operating costs accrued over the entire product life cycle is either directly or indirectly caused by hardware and software that is discontinued, or which is suddenly no longer available for other reasons. This is an unsettling development, particularly since, according to experts, the economic losses caused by obsolescence in Germany alone already run into several hundred million euros each year.

The Obsolescence Forum, an initiative of the non-profit industry association COG (Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland) e.V. and part of Obsolescence Day, uses many practical examples to inform you about which strategies and methods reduce or minimize the unwanted effects of obsolescence. Thus, for example, the newly-developed SmartPCN 3.0 specification not only contributes to reducing the manual effort needed to process product changes and discontinuations, it also supports comprehensive availability monitoring and digital obsolescence management along the entire supply chain.

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