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The Embedded Forum at electronica will present technical papers about technologies, trends and product innovations covering the whole range of embedded technologies from Chips & Components over Tools & Software to Boards & Modules.

Major technical trends for Embedded Systems are driven by advances in processor technology and by high-level programming tools that allow to start development at the application level. Engineers do no longer need to understand what every register, bit & byte in the microcontroller is doing. More and more low-level software development is replaced by tools providing high-level visual blocks.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to be a hot topic in the Embedded market. IoT-specific hardware is important, but software remains the key to successful solutions. And security will the major, as more and more embedded devices get connected to the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence technologies are making their way into Embedded Systems. AI is moving quickly from research to production for applications like virtual assistants, natural language generation, speech recognition, biometrics, robotics and many more.

The forum mainly targets design engineers, technical specialists and technical management.

An up-to-date schedule is available in our event database.

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