Cyber Security Forum

The Cyber Security Forum will endeavour to offer design engineers a variety of in-depth presentations. These will explain up to date thinking from a panel of experts working in semiconductor, software and test and measurement companies.

The pervasiveness of electronics in every walk of life opens a myriad of possibilities across a wide range of connected products. With this pervasiveness comes a greater demand for secure systems in for example automotive systems, medical equipment, mobile devices and wearables.

Embedded security will be a leading topic for the forum. Scalable and secure solutions will be discussed in the context of specific products enabling the level of security required in a system or product including how to ensure secure communication between a home gateway and server.

Automotive applications will be addressed in the context of securing communication over telematics systems. Connected cars are potentially more vulnerable to attack. Car networks need to be brought up-to-date using a Secure Network Platform, fortifying the car’s connected environment with an inclusive component shell.

In Medical Electronics there is the dual threat of compromised systems endangering a patient’s health as well as the necessity of ensuring maximum privacy for patients’ details. Can safety focussed standards, such as IEC 61508 play a role in safeguarding the security aspects of medical equipment.

Information and Communication Technology security has its own challenges whether it applies to enterprise scale networks or smaller network switches.

The target audience is design engineers, development engineers, test engineers working across the electronics equipment sector.

Detailed information about all lectures is available in our event database.

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