Automotive Forum


The Automotive Forum on new technologies in automotive electronics.

Whether it comes to semi-autonomous or autonomous driving, new interior and exterior light functions or improved connectivity—the Automotive Forum presents the latest solutions and products in the industry's various sectors. Select examples illustrate the state of the art as well as interaction between various technologies. The forum also focuses on the challenges of increasingly interdisciplinary collaboration in the future.

From piloted driving and constant connectivity with the outside world to new comfort functions in the car's interior: New technology is changing the development and working world in the automotive industry more than ever before. Networked systems, new light technologies featuring LEDs, OLEDs and laser light and improved sensors for driver-assistance systems call for increasingly stronger interaction between individual controllers and actuators. More efficient components ensure added comfort and safety when driving or during (partially) piloted driving, and more elaborate software and faster data buses guarantee networking within the automobile and beyond.

More agile development methods, interdisciplinary teams and collaboration, global alignment and working processes and much more are the result of this restructuring of automotive mobility. The Automotive Forum's topics are oriented toward the themes of the electronica Automotive Conference from the previous day.

The forum uses panel discussions and technical lectures to present the topics in a context that is considerably more technical. Following each presentation, participants have an opportunity to ask questions.

An up-to-date schedule is available in our event database.

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