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Initiating business relationships—that's one of your primary aims at electronica? However, how do you identify and reach new business partners at the trade fair without just relying on coincidence? The solution is called xChange Hub.

This is where you connect with exhibitors and visitors, engage in discussions about problems, and jointly find solutions. The online platform brings personal encounters into the digital realm and makes them schedulable.

This makes xChange Hub the fastest way to find the perfect business partner.

The interactive web solution does not rely on algorithmically defined matching based on interests, but on an interchange about concrete offers and requests:

  • Exhibitors post their highlights they will show at electronica.
  • And visitors post questions and requests for their visit to the fair.
  • Anyone seeking an answer, get in touch or collaborate to find solutions can comment on posts and network with all trade fair participants.
  • In real time. Before and during electronica.

By the way: All visitors and exhibitors can use this service free of charge.

This is how you benefit from xChange Hub
Key Features
How it works

This is how you benefit from xChange Hub

No wastage

Exhibitors can reach new customers directly in the xChange Hub and discuss their solutions with them.

Targeted search for solutions

xChange Hub makes sure you don't have to leave your search to chance, as this is where you can post your request and discuss your specific problem with other trade show attendees.

Perfect preparation

xChange Hub allows you to identify potential business partners in advance of electronica, so you can plan your trade fair visit in the best possible way.

Perfect companion

Even during electronica, xChange Hub lets you network and exchange information with other trade fair participants in real time.

The end of one-way communication

Anyone can reply to public posts and thus interact.

Key features

The intuitive web interface of xChange Hub is deliberately inspired by other social media platforms.


This is the place where you can see requests and offers from other participants.


Any post can be commented very easily. The corresponding button can be found under the respective entry.

Like function

You like a post? Then, simply click on the "Like" button.


To narrow down the posts in your newsfeed according to your interests, use the relevant filters on the left.


This function allows you to remember interesting posts and find them again.


Never miss out on anything again and stay well informed! If desired, you will receive an e-mail when your post or a post you have bookmarked is commented on.

How it works

You can create and publish your own questions or offers independently in no time at all:

1. Register with your e-mail address and a password

2. Complete your profile with your name, company

3. Create a post (offer or question/request)

4. Add hashtags and images to your post

5. Independently publish your post

Your post will instantly appear at the top of the newsfeed of all participants where it can be commented on.

We wish you a lot of successful contacts!

Discover xChange Hub