electronica Automotive Conference (eAC) 2020

Automotive Innovations enabled by Electronic Components and Systems

Opening electronica virtual and electronica Automotive Conference 2020

Falk Senger, Dr. Gunther Kegel, Peter Gresch

Keynote 1: Lighting Technolgies enabling New Comfort and Safety Features

Dr. Wolfgang Huhn, Audi

Keynote 2: Trends in electrification - the future of the electric powertrain

Dr. Joachim Fetzer, Marelli

Keynote 3: Markets and Technologies for Autonomous Driving

Torsten Gollewski, ZF Friedrichshafen

Track 1: Technology Trends for E-Drives

Advantages of integrating power electronics in high frequency motors

Dagmar Münch

Silicon Carbide: the power revolution for the future e-powertrain

Manuel Gärtner

Battery Cell Connection - Backbone for Battery Modules

Dr. Wolfgang Bochtler

Breakthrough innovation for electrical connection of battery modules

C. König & V. Bayrhof

The Heart of Electric Vehicles

Eike Martini

3D shapable heater technolgy and potentials

Juha Kokkonen

Track 2: Technology Trends for Car IT in Connectivity, Cloud and Security and Car Interior

Car in the cloud: paving the way for the future of mobility

Max Cavazzini

Automotive Hypervisors: Security and Safety for Rich Automotive Applications

Michael Hohmuth

Mobile Wi-Fi: The Hidden Champion of Vehicle Connectivity

João Barros

Scalable and intelligent IC system solutions for future interior car lighting

Jatin Thaker

Vision of Future Car Interior Lighting

Carsten Befelein

Panel Discussion

Efficiency Advantages of SiC in Electric Drive Train Applications

Thomas Grasshoff, SEMIKRON

Challenges for High-Voltage Applications and Technologies

Peter Schiefer, Infineon Technologies

Challenges for High-Voltage Applications and Technologies